Saturday, May 29, 2010

Snapshot: Newlywed Nights

It's not about last night. It's about the feeling of last night (not that kind of night). And I know that those nights won't last forever, so I do my best to capture it.

Time with friends first. New friends for me. Co-workers for you. Outside in a beautiful night Sunshine, sunscreen, mild exercise, laughs at others and ourselves. Then the co-workers left, and we ate the picnic you packed filled with your food and my food. Sitting, talking, relaxing on a Friday.

Then home. Movie. Computer. Magazines. Then it got later, and just the movie. I impressed myself and stayed up for the whole thing (a rarity for me lately). Sitting on the loveseat. You're trying to sneak a peek at the flesh between my pants and my shirt. I'm forever trying to find a comfortable position. Snuggles. Not intimate; loving. Nice. Just one night among many similar nights, but a good one. If our whole lives are like this, that's just fine with me.

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