Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That's Not How We Behave

Now that Hailey's at an age where she occasionally needs to be punished, there's a whole new series of decisions to make. What deserves a punishment? Is there a warning? What is the actual punishment? Why are toddler punishments such a pain for the parents? And the list goes on. 

Some decisions aren't too tough. Time-outs, one minute or slightly more, one warning, boring consistency. 

But as she ages, and even now, these decisions will be harder. Nick and I recently had a discussion about teenage drinking, and we didn't immediately agree (we aren't that far off, and we have some time to decide so it's hardly code red). Grandparents and the general public have opinions they are all happy to share. 

And the consistency. Ugh. It's so easy to let things slide. Or to bend the rules occasionally. Or to make rules on the spot. Some of this will happen and some of it's OK. But it never makes it easier. 

And now I am overthinking. My parenting style usually involves overthinking. It will all work out. There's no perfect way to parent, but there are lots of pretty good ways.