Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Park It There

I've been living in the country for about a year and a half. This is the first time I've ever lived in the country. It's a permanent situation or me, and it has its charms.

But the other day, I was killing some time in town and I went to the park. And I realized how much I miss parks and public spaces. It was a Minnesota spring day, when everyone's face turns toward the sun. When kids run almost faster than they can. When couples hold hands and put aside their petty arguments. When people with guitars and drums sit outside and play. And some guy with a big kite thing was doing some activity I can only describe as grass-skiing behind the kite.

And I realized how much I miss public spaces. You just don't get that energy in your yard. I love my yard, but it will never be the same.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Want. Need.

June 1, I will be home. Doing nothing.

Meanwhile, the cast of Glee will be on their live tour just two hours from my home. But to see them, I need $100.

I work full-time. I have some savings. I probably have $100. But if I spent it on concert tickets (really, just one ticket), I may not be able to buy gas. Or dinner in a restaurant for me and the hubby. Or a data plan. Or super cute sparkly flip-flops. Another bag of whole wheat flour.

So, being responsible means not spending $100 on a concert ticket. And while I know that's the best choice and I'm doing the right thing, that doesn't mean it doesn't suck a little. Being an adult is sometimes no fun.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scene It

It's cold. And windy. And otherwise sucks outsite. So plans are now accommodating inside time. But fortunately, Coyote Ugly is on TV. And if there's one thing I need, it's to see this movie for the upteenth time. And while I do that, I intend to make naan bread and soup, clean the kitchen and finish the laundry. That's the great thing about movies I have already seen - I can enjoy them without actually watching them, since I know exactly what will happen at any time. Same thing with familiar TV reruns (Friends is the show I know best and the one I'll never flip past, but there are others that will do in a pinch).

So, if you ever want to entertain me, here's how you do it:
Coyote Ugly
Dirty Dancing (I've seeen this movie more than any other)
Pretty Woman (really, most anything Julia Roberts)
10 Things I Hate About You (I will always miss Heath)
Center Stage

This is only a partial list. But if presented with any of these flicks, I can promise the channel won't change.