Monday, June 28, 2010

How Quickly I Revert

Hubby is working tonight, as he has been many nights. Which means dinner is on my own. Not a problem, as I am perfectly capable of preparing and serving myself a meal.

Tonight's meal: an omelet, which is how I describe eggs with things scrambled in them. Eaten from a bowl. With a piece of peanut butter toast.

Last night: random leftovers scrambled together -- potatoes, beans, cheese, onions, etc.

The food of a single girl. At least I know I still got it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Worth

My freelance business continues to chug along -- I'll never get rich from it, but I bring in a little extra cash to pay for fun.

I go through, where jobs are posted, I bid on them, and the buyer chooses someone for their job based on the amount of the bid, a written proposal and the time it will take you to finish the project.

The written proposal is no problem. Neither is the time (I am a very fast worker). But I am often unsure of how much to bid pricewise. Too high and I know I will not get the job. Too low and I am wasting my time. However, someone is almost always lower than me. I figure out how much I want to make per hour and bid that. I bid about the hourly rate I make at my full-time gig, but of course the freelance gigs have no benefits. I read often that I should get more -- people would refuse to work for my wage. But honestly, I need the money and the challenge from the freelance.

I adjust my rate as needed. I feel OK about it now, but I wonder if I won't look back someday and wish I got more.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

$2 for a Night of Happiness

Yesterday was my first time in a garage sale. Overall, I am happy to be rid of stuff, though I was hoping to walk away with more cash (we did fine, but I let myself be a little over-optimistic about the value of my crap).

Highlight of the day was that I did make two boys very, very happy. I was selling an old Jump Shots (shot glass checkers) game. Originally $4, marked to $2 later in the day. When two college boys (who we were surprised to see on the garage sale circuit) came to the sale, they quickly made a beeline for the game. Opened it, determined that there were in fact shot glasses and everything. They were super excited. They showed their new game to everyone. They told us they were going to get plowed (though did not invite us over).

They said they loved us as they left.