Sunday, June 6, 2010

$2 for a Night of Happiness

Yesterday was my first time in a garage sale. Overall, I am happy to be rid of stuff, though I was hoping to walk away with more cash (we did fine, but I let myself be a little over-optimistic about the value of my crap).

Highlight of the day was that I did make two boys very, very happy. I was selling an old Jump Shots (shot glass checkers) game. Originally $4, marked to $2 later in the day. When two college boys (who we were surprised to see on the garage sale circuit) came to the sale, they quickly made a beeline for the game. Opened it, determined that there were in fact shot glasses and everything. They were super excited. They showed their new game to everyone. They told us they were going to get plowed (though did not invite us over).

They said they loved us as they left.

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