Thursday, May 27, 2010


I forgot my ipod (I refuse to capitalize it based on Apple's dictation) for my bike ride today. So that means time to think. And for some reason I was thinking about scrapbooks. And how it seems unlikely I will ever make the big fancy one. And I thought about how I could preserve my memories in another medium.

And then I realize that, duh, I am a world-class (sarcasm intended) blogger. And since a good scrapbooker would document her Blessed Event, here are some memories of the day I don't want to lose.
  • I didn't sleep for several nights beforehand. As I get when I am tired, I was quite teary-eyed. But the day was flawless, and I never did have the expected breakdown. Memory: flawless day.
  • I couldn't believe my hair and make-up. Both were perfect. Neither were done by me. Memory: I clean up good.
  • The weather was beautiful. Outside pictures were a success. Husband and I got to have some time outside with just the two of us and my photographer aunt. This helped with the calming.
  • Violin. Eternal Flame. Awesomeness.
  • Walking down the aisle, knowing that on either side of me were people who were there to support us and show us love. They believed in our relationship.
  • Unity candle didn't light. Then broke, and Husband was able to light the bottom half. Much-needed awesomeness.
  • Ceremony was uber-short. Then the receiving line, which gave me the insight that it really is hard to process that many people in that short a time. Good I am not a politician or a celebrity.
  • As we drove to the reception, stangers honked and waved. Awesome. Husband was insanely happy to be driving his baby and getting attention.
  • Great food. So much dancing. Friends, family, no songs I dislike. Party ended when I was ready for it to end. People laughed and socialized and listened to music and ate yumminess and had fun. Exactly what I wanted.

Maybe scrapbooking is fun!

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