Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pants Off Dance Off

Thanks to Weight Watchers, I have no work pants that fit. This is a good thing. But it's also a bad thing, as pants that hang off my hips and sag around my ass are not a good look for me (or anyone). And as I haven't lost any weight since December, I should be able to have a few things that sit at my waist and frame my butt.

So this weekend I bought pants. It's probably important to note here that I was retaining some water over the weekend, and I was totally aware of it. So I bought pants that fit, thinking that the smaller size was just too big a risk (I am still a little self-conscious in things that are tight).

And today I wore the pants. Which were slightly too big. I was planning to keep them, as they fit better than my old pants and I didn't feel right about returning something I had already worn. And I convinced myself that they may shrink to fit.

Then, this afternoon I was walking and suddenly there was thread everywhere. My hem fell. First wearing. Pants are going back. Likely not to be replaced anytime soon.

But regular fat clothes are going to the garage sale for sure!

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