Friday, April 3, 2009

How Should I Feel?

I have been reading about people who have two jobs, go to school and have kids. Personally I have one of these four things and that is more than enough for me. Initially when I read these stories, I have a brief flash of inadequacy.

And then I realize there's no need for that. I work. I volunteer. I take care of myself, and to the extent that I can I take care of the world around me. And some day I may have kids and a second job and go back to school - but frankly, I kind of doubt that. And it's working for me. And I will not apologize for my life. I know I would have/be more if I worked harder at it, but I like what I have and what I am. And I think that's the secret.

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  1. I feel bad sometimes too, but I am TIRED enough as it is! I think this summer, it would be nice to have a cozy second job. Something that is just a few hours per week to make some camping/ice cream money. You know. But I would be just as happy spending more time volunteering.