Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Positive Balance Sheet

All week long, work has been INSANE! And most of what I've been working on comes with at least some frustration. So I've been complaining more than is strictly necessary.

And today was no different. Last-minute tour (which I honestly don't mind, but they do throw a monkey wrench into the day). Reproofing the same (super boring) rules over several times. Finding out that a sign-up sheet I created was seriously underused. Just lots going on in general. And at the end of the day I was in the bathroom and I noticed that my hair was quite greasy looking - I hope it didn't look that way all day.

But it's the end of the day now (Idol is almost over), and when I look back over the day I feel positive about it. I feel like today was overall a very good day. And at the risk of being schmaltzy (which despite the occasional tone of this blog I swear I am not), here is what made today a good day.
  • I got to ride my bike to work for the first time this year. It was Earth Day, and it was a beautiful day. If I never had to drive a car again that would be OK with me, so biking is always good.
  • I won the Volunteer Fair drawing. I got a blanket. A nice fleecy one.
  • After four weeks of Weight Watchers, I officially lost 10 pounds today!
  • Perhaps best of all, tonight was wine bar with my friends. And wine bar is always fun, but tonight seemed like an especially good time. I only had one glass of wine (and more chicken pizza than was probably advised), but it was seriously great.

I hope things are this good tomorrow!

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