Monday, February 16, 2009

More Slllooowwwness

I've been working out pretty consistently for like a year. I have no willpower, so I'm not "dieting," but at least I've been working out.

And lately I feel like I see results. My gut is (slightly) smaller. I can make it through a class without wanting to die. I use slightly heavier weights than I used to. And I feel good.

So my brother is getting married at some point in the future ... like probably the fall. An I'd like to look goood for this wedding. I have a sage dress that I've had for a long time and seldom worn, because it does not look cute on me. And I want to be toned enough to wear the sage dress to the wedding. Even if I decide to get a new dress, I want to have the sage dress option.

So here we go. I think I need to lose like 20 pounds. In maybe six months. This may even require watching what I eat. Stay tuned ... if I get brave and can figure out how there may even be photos along the way.

1 comment:

  1. I think you should get a new dress no matter what.