Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love and Money

This weekend is Valentine's Day. I will be in St. Cloud with Boyfriend (who needs a better pseudonym). It will be our third Valentine's Day as a couple. We've both been careful about money lately, although I have a little now.

So now the dilemma is this: stay home or go out?

Stay home:
  • Cheap (pro)
  • We're both crowd avoiders, and VD on a weekend will equal many crowds (pro)
  • We can make a romantical dinner and play games and other things we enjoy (pro)
  • We've been home a lot lately (con)

Go out:

  • Crowded (con)
  • More expensive than home (at least somewhat con)
  • Would be fun to do something different (pro)

A friend is in an erotica poetry slam in the cities, which would be fun but involve much driving and expense. THere's always the double feature option, which I never hate. But really, I'd like to do something else ... I just don't know what it is. I don't need huge romance, but I like fun.


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