Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One Year

Exactly one year ago today, I was starting to realize I really was in labor (technically my water broke very early in the morning, but all morning and part of the afternoon was pretty pain-free). That means today has marked one year since I've become a mom. And I've learned some things.

  • When moms say they don't even remember their baby as a very new infant, they really are telling the truth. 
  • Sleep is the best thing ever. But sleeping with a baby is the very best thing ever. 
  • You really will worry every time something is wrong. Even if it's something minor. You're that person. 
  • You'll cry when you go back to work. You'll move on and become a productive worker again, but those first few days suck. 
  • The baby really will be fine. Most of the choices six of one, half dozen of the other.
  • If you stress out, so will the baby. This does not make not-stressing-out any easier. 
  • You'll become someone who gets sad and/or cries when something happens to a fictional baby on TV. 
  • You only have to become part of the mommy wars if you want to be. When in doubt, stay off the damn Internet. 
  • Make time for other people. Your friends, your family, and especially your spouse. This may be harder than it seems, but it's vitally important. 
  • Babies reach milestones on their own time. Don't compare your kid to others. This is difficult. 
  • You really will use a baby voice. So will everyone else you know. 
  • You will love that baby more than you thought you ever could. 
  • You may love being pregnant, and you may love the child growing inside you. But once the baby is actually born and becomes a real person, it's a whole new ballgame. 
  • Oh, and those first weeks after the baby is born are uncomfortable bordering on painful. Cabbage leaves in your bra will help. 

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