Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alexandria, Minnesota Recommendations

So it's almost tourist season here in Alex (hint: pronounce it "Alec"). And because I've been thinking about local businesses lately and where I should spend my money, here's a list of my favorite local places in town. Note that I'm sure I left something off, so feel free to remind me.
  • Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale. Order the Juliet.
  • Butler's Pantry. I love sandwiches. This is the best place for sandwich supplies.
  • The DATA trail. Ride it, walk it, whatever.
  • InStyle Salon. They do a great job, not too spendy.
  • City Park. I don't really get why this place isn't constantly crowded.
  • Deck Bar at Arrowwood. Great view. Food isn't great, but the atmosphere is nice.
  • The Corral. Technically this is in Nelson, but good food and it's an easy ride or drive. And you can shoot a minnow.
  • Neighborhood National Bank. My checking account there earns way more interest than my supposedly high-interest online account.

What am I missing? Honorable mention to Raaper's, Time Square and Jan's Place. And of course, a special shout-out to Mike's Lunchbox - gone but never forgotten.

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