Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still Here

No, I'm not one of those bloggers who blogs twice and gives up. Give me at least 10 posts before giving up. And I'm not one of those bloggers who whines about poor progress. But I am one of those bloggers who takes time off over the holidays and was tired. So here's the LD (which I think is a stupid thing to say, by the way).

Christmas was good. New Year's Eve was good. Parents kicked in a generous amount to the laptop fund, so that will blogging even cooler. Scary drive home, but as I was driving from North Dakota to Minnesota in January that's really not surprising.

Goal updates:
  • Lose weight/bike race: I am back in the gym. Good volleyball game tonight - sweat and the whole thing. No progress on the actual biking, but the overall objective is coming along.
  • Professional development: No progress. 2009 is still young, though.
  • Practical fun skills: FAILED attempt at gravy (which I love) last weekend. Attempting knoephla soup (North Dakota girl at heart) this weekend ... updates as events warrant. Dug out some knitting patterns and signing up for a class. Maybe it's because this goal is "fun," but I have made most progress here.
  • Connections: Christmas cards not out. That's pretty indicative of the progress there.
  • Other: All visible vermin killed (there was a mouse problem). Shoulder has been looked at -- probably bursitis, which it turns out is much easier to fix than I could have hoped. So I am declaring success.
Since blog is still secret from Boyfriend (who occupies all weekends) and my weeknights are redonkulously busy, hope for an update soon but don't hold your breath.

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