Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One of my goals for the next few weeks is to do my own taxes. This is mostly a money-saving measure ... I am happy to pay the $50 for the accountant when I have it, but the fact is that I don't. So I am planning to do them myself. There is a reason I've never done them -- it's the same reason I was an English major. I don't do math well, and I don't enjoy it. But in the interests of self-improvement and money saving, I was going to o my own taxes. I rent, I only have one income, it shouldn't be that tough.

Then the other night I was tutoring. The building often advertises various social services. And one of the services the advertised the other night was free tax help for low-income folk. Their definition of low-income happens to be, in my estimation, pretty generous, and it's well above what I make (the threshold is $45,000, which I suppose is tight for a family, but in my opinion plenty for a single person such as me).

So now, do I do my own taxes, or do I have them done at the clinic? Or do I attempt to do them and have them checked at the clinic? It's sad that this was easier when it was just about math.

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  1. Make sure that the $45,000 is for both single and family. When I had my taxes done at a low income clinic the threshold was $20,000 for single and $40,000 for family. I was working in radio then so I qualified as a low-income single person :)