Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So lately I've been thinking about getting a master's degree. And I've come to the conclusion that that's not really for me. I can't bring myself to take out more student loans (and ultimately I don't think it would pay off), and I'm not really focused enough to give it the time it needs. But more than that, I don't think that in my career path and in the information society that it will get me where I want to go. I think some type of certification or a one-off class is more for me.

So now the question is what class to take. Work will pay for half of it (pro). I live in Alexandria, which is not exactly filled with institutions of higher learning (challenge). I have good Internet connection and I love to read, etc. I'm mostly focused on internal communications, but general communications will be seriously considered. It's probably too late to get in this semester, but I can start in the summer or fall (or anytime if it's some type of self-directed class).

Next action step: serious research.

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