Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Month


You turned one month old yesterday. To celebrate, you slept for six straight hours overnight. It was amazing! I don't know if you enjoyed it, but I sure did. You're such a good sleeper - even on nights you do wake up, you tend to eat and then fall right back asleep. I am a spoiled mommy.

You've already changed so much this month. Today is the last day you'll wear newborn size diapers. You've gained a pound since you were born - including 10 ounces in one week! Your eyelashes and hair are getting thicker (though you're still a ginger baby). You can track movement with your eyes, and you're obviously focusing more. I think you even recognize me and Daddy! You still like to be held as much as possible (you're snuggling with Daddy right now), but you continue to love your vibrating seat (which is home of the six-hour nights). We've started reading you stories - though I sometimes just read out loud from a magazine. You HATE taking baths, having your diaper changed or being naked in general.

I did have one incident of mommy paranoia. You have a lump on your head that appeared a few weeks ago. We took you to see Dr. Lee, who recommended an ultrasound to rule out something serious. You slept right through the ultrasound (they gave you a heated blanket). Fortunately, it turned out to be nothing - just a benign cyst. It may go down with time, and I think it will be completely covered when your hair gets thicker.

And, sadly, if someone ever asks if you've been dropped on your head, you can say yes. In my worst mom moment, I fell asleep while holding you against my chest, and you fell off the bed onto the wooden floor. I immediately freaked out, but fortunately you were and are fine. And now I am very careful about holding you when I am tired.

Basically, Hailey, you're still a perfect little girl. You have perfect people skills. You are amazingly easy to care for. And you're beautiful and smart. I love you.


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