Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 2012 - Month -1

To my baby:

It's one month before your/my/our due date. Your room is stocked with baby toys, baby clothes and all manner of baby stuff. Earlier this week, your daddy painted a caterpillar on your wall. We feel prepared - we still need a car seat, but we've done the classes and gotten the stuff, and we're prepared. We may never be ready.

It's getting awkward for me to move around and do everyday things, and I have to pee an obscene number of times per day, but fortunately I've had a pretty easy pregnancy. Right now I'm not really letting myself think about delivery ... I more or less have a birth plan, but mostly I'm willing to go with the flow. Your flow.

We haven't decided your name yet. We've talked about it, and there are definite favorites, but we'll wait to see you before we make the final decision. In fact, we don't know a lot about you. And besides our voices and the fact that I have an incredible sweet tooth, you don't know about us. But we'll be a family in one month. Starting from day one, we'll be your parents. And some days we'll be great at it, and some days we'll probably suck at it. But we'll try. Every day. And we'll love you. Every day. And we'll probably never be able to give you everything you want, but we'll give you everything we can. Every day. And we'll remember that, and with any luck you'll remember that, and we'll be a close, loving family. Every day.

Love you,

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  1. This is a lovely letter, Juliet ... beautifully said. Your child will be so lucky to have you both as parents.