Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let Me See the Ring!

So I have recently gotten engaged. (No, not because of the health insurance issues raised in my last post.) And one of the first things people ask is to see the ring. And it's a natural instinct ... I've asked that question myself of the newly engaged female.

And I show them. And I tell them my favorite feature of the ring: It is from a mall kiosk, and it cost $21 with tax. It's pretty -- it says Love and the O is a (fake, obvs) diamond.

"But why didn't you get a real ring?" And not to knock other people's diamonds (if you want one, by all means you should have one), but I do have reasons. To wit:
  • It's a custom I don't really understand. Why does the woman get one but not the man? Is she being bought? Bribed?
  • They are ridiculously expensive. This is by no means the main reason, but saving several hundred dollars that could be spent on something I do want is a nice perk.
  • The diamond industry ... what a racket!
  • I don't really wear jewelry. Not for a good reason, I just don't. And my finger tends to vary in size, even within the span of one day (but it's always super tiny).

So those are my thoughts. And I will sport my Piercing Pagoda ring until the wedding date, when it will be replaced by a sweet tattoo!


  1. I don't have a ring at all, because I just hate wearing rings. You should see people's reactions to THAT one!

    I actually planned to get a ring tattoo, but I was told hand tattoos don't look good for long and have to be redone regularly, and just plain aren't worth it. This was Jeff's Tattoo in St Cloud. They said places will do it, but you won't be happy with it. So I have nothing but a tiny silver hoop earring that I wear as a wedding band when needed, to avoid being hit on by strangers. Ha.

  2. Seriously? Because we were planning to go to Jeff's Tattoo ... that makes me sad.

  3. Yes seriously. I tried looking for online pics of people's older ring tattoos, to see what happens to them, but apparently people only share the new tattoo pics. I really couldn't find any!

  4. I agree with the whole ring thing. What is the deal? ALL I want is a silver band. That is it.

    How do you deal with a boy who wont propose without a ring??? Riddle me that one, Batman.

  5. My hubby has diamonds on his ring. Five of them actually! And he wanted my ring to be bigger. I wanted it to be smaller. So we compromised and I got something in the middle. I love it. It's beautiful and we were able to pay it off rather quickly so I'm happy for all of that.

    Would I have been unhappy if he had asked me to marry him without a ring at all - not a bit. Am I unhappy that I have followed a tradition that I don't necessarily subscribe to - no because the reason I have the ring isn't because I believed I must have one or because I wanted to please anyone (well, anyone besides Jeremy). I got a ring because that is the symbol my husband chose to show his commitment to me. If he would have preferred to have given me a twistie tie or a basket of bread I would have been fine with that too. :)

    To each their own. I applaud you for sticking to your guns and doing what you want for your own reasons. Obviously my choice to elope astounds some people so I know what it feels like to be apparently "controversial" in my matrimonial choices. :)