Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Facing a Layoff

I've posted about work before, but now there have been some significant changes in my situation. So, to catch up:

  • I went back to my job after my maternity leave (August 1). But the commute was getting ridiculous, so I remained on the lookout for a new job.
  • I found a new job with, which I started February 4. 
  • On March 6, I was told that I'll be laid off effective May 10. DealChicken is restructuring, and nearly everyone in my position was let go (plus the person who hired me, and a number of other people). 
So I'm back on the hunt for a new job. I have some applications in, and I've made a few follow-up calls, but so far no hits. I have nearly six weeks before my job ends, but since I'm not spontaneous I'm looking at my options. 

Work full time
  • Pros: Will likely replace my full pay and benefits
  • Cons: 40 hours per week gone (obviously this is something I'm used to now, but it's a con nonetheless - there's a reason they pay you to work!), I don't actually have a job. 
Work part time
  • Pros: Steady income, free time to be an earth mother or freelance or catch up on Netflix
  • Cons: Likely an income hit, I don't have a part-time job lined up, no benefits
  • Pros: Total flexibility, potential income
  • Cons: Lack of security (this is huge for me), no benefits, I will have to hustle and do business-y stuff I'm not necessarily good at/motivated to do
Live off my severance/unemployment
  • Pros: Unlimited free time
  • Cons: This is a finite amount of money, and what exactly would I do all day? Also, if I give up my daycare spot there will be an added barrier if I go back to work, no benefits
Any thoughts/suggestions? Anyone been here before? Right now I'm leaning toward collecting unemployment and extending that by doing freelance work, possibly taking temp jobs, selling plasma and etc. But if the right job comes along and will take me, obviously I'll go that route. 

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