Monday, November 22, 2010

Take a Walk

It's cold here. Icy. It's a good day to have worked from home, as I did.

Yet today, for the first time in awhile, I went for a walk. For no reason, to nowhere (I walked down our road and back).

And it was so good for me. It burns calories. Breathe fresh air. Get less screen time and more nature time.

And most of all clear my head. No iPod today, although sometimes I bring it along. Today, just thoughts. About nothing special. About everything. Things I want. Things I need. Things I can control. Things that will never happen. Things that will happen with or without me.

And an hour after I left, I am back. Defogging my glasses, standing in front of the fire for a minute to warm my legs (need a second pair of pants next time). And what a difference an hour makes.

I need to remember that feeling. I need to get it more often. That's something I can control. Something for me. I hear the benefits of self-care. And as a childless woman who works different hours from her husband, I have plenty of time to care for myself. Indulge my hobbies. I just need to indulge a little more in time with my tennies and myself.

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