Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a Wrap

Today I bought a wedding present for a wo-worker. Then I bought actual wrapping paper, and wrapped the present with clear tape and everything!

Nothing special, you say? The last wedding I went to, I got the couple a lovely item from the registry. Which I gave to them unwrapped and uncarded (but I told them who it was from). Christmas presents are wrapped usually in newspaper (I do try and use the colored sections, such as the comics), or they aren't wrapped at all. I am averse to buying wrapping paper, plus I just plain ol' don't really like wrapping gifts (not on principle, I just don't like it).

Close friends and family don't get wrapping, and people I don't know as well get the shiny paper and the sparkly bag with the fluffy tissue. Dunno why. But I did wrap my brother's wedding present today (probably like the second wrapped gift I've ever given him), because I had leftover paper.

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