Monday, June 1, 2009

Ways To Spend Time at a Quilt Retreat

I understand that you can quilt at these things, and there were some cute purses that nearly tempted me to sew, but then I remembered I don't like things that require patience. And I don't really know how to match colors, so I was surprised when the pre-selected fabric looked as nice as it did. But I was never bored. So here is a primer.
  • Play with a baby nephew. He's not good at racing down the hall or going forward in the walker, but that's OK.
  • Read. I went through a book and two magazines.
  • Talk incessantly. Debate the merits of Ryan Reynolds, Greek yogurt, Adam Lambert, hair straighteners, pink shirts, iPods, your mom's dining room table, etc. You can keep this going for three days if you do it right.
  • Step on a nail. Subsequently get a tetanus shot. Actually, I don't recommend this.
  • Iron. Apparently you need to iron quilt blocks. It's also easy to overstarch.
  • Ride a bike.
  • Go to some fake Stonehenge and then get a hot fudge "cyclone" that was supposed to be a sundae. Enjoy it anyway. Pass on the Nerd cyclone.
  • Walk the trails. See a creepy Equus horse.
  • Eat cake at every meal. Yummy homemade cake.
  • Rip out seams. Note that if I had been sewing I could have spent the whole time doing this.
  • Sit outside. Look at the most beautiful bridal veil ever.

Also, this is an awesome way to spend time anytime:

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