Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Uexpected Victory

This morning, my blood was rejected (low iron -- I should stop attempting blood drives, as my body apparently rejects iron). Then, my color opinion was rejected (and I was kidding about it and made people feel bad -- there's no reason for that, as I am well aware of my fashion and decor deficiencies). So overall, not a stellar morning.

And I expected the afternoon to be much of the same. Since I'm into oversharing, I'll admit that I was hoping to weigh 179 by this weekend's family event (which is about the least I've weighed as an adult). And I didn't think I would make it, after two weeks of bad weigh-ins (which I deserved). But this week apparently my obsessive point counting led to a record-breaking loss, and I'll be attending the reunion as a (semi-)thin person. And that inspired me to rock out 12 miles on my bike, clean, do my nails and be done with it all in time to watch Top Chef Masters (which I hope doesn't suck).

My class reunion is July 4. Time to set a goal for that.

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