Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No One Mourns ...

I'm days away from a big birthday. I'm usually not one to spend a lot of time reflecting on my life, but indulge me.

Also, I am watching Glee (I'm giving it another season before I make it official, but so far it's in the running for Best Show Ever). On Sunday, my family and I are going to a touring production of Wicked. So my reflection is taking the form of musical theater. (Naturally.)

Now, in a musical there is some adversity ... although you'd never see a character in a musical spend an entire workday fighting off wracking sobs. Typically, one character comes to a realization about another character (or themself) ... and they use this realization to improve a situation. They learn they have skills or powers previously unknown. They assess the value of objects or people or a location.

Lessons are learned. The heroine belts out a solo. The people around her support her voice and her dance moves. She's a better person at the end. Usually she's in love and/or a stronger person.

My life ... not really like a musical. I'm messy. I can't sing. I don't learn the lesson the first time. No one else knows my spontaneous dance moves. But that's OK. Because you never know what happens after the musical ... I don't know what will happen in my 30s, but I know that I am in control. No lyricist, no choreographer, no actress. Me.

P.S. Rachel Berry just said she was born in 1994. Shit, I am old.

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