Monday, April 19, 2010


Saturday was the big day. More on that later (still processing some thoughts). But I do have one thought that is processed.

Lots of people said I looked pretty/good/beautiful. Which is not surprising or bad on your wedding day. But a lot of people also commented that they hadn't seen me wear make-up or glasses, with my hair done, or since I lost the weight.

And it's true that I usually rock glasses, no make-up and wash-and-go hair. Largely because I am lazy (and I can't read with my contacts). I figure there is no need to make myself look different than I naturally do.

But is there a reason to do so? Would my life be different if I just spent a few minutes to put on lip gloss (as my friend says)? If I shaved my legs every week would things be different for me? I've largely given up on my modeling career, but would other things be different? Work, men, friends, etc.? And would I like it better?

Guess we'll never know. I liked the wedding look, but it really was a one-time thing.

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