Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Woe Was My Childhood

The Christmas season is coming. And apparently other people have already decorated. Decor is big around here because Boyfriend wants to get "that special Christmas feeling in my heart." So he will decorate. He will.

My tolerance for decorating is about 20 minutes. Maybe. On a good day. This weekend I am heading back to Hometown to help my mom prep her House of Fun (which has a purpose, but I think really the purpose is so she has somewhere to display all the decor shit she has accumulated through the years). And all that accumulated stuff is why I don't decorate. Spent too much time hanging stuff right in the exact spot ... nope, a little to the left ... no, higher ... maybe back to where it was. And the discussion -- would this look better? How about if it were a little darker? Maybe taller?

This is also why I hate planning the wedding. I think I ODed on this type of thing when I was younger. But the advantage is that I am willing to do the grunt work (less discussion).

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  1. The planning is the pissy part, the decorating can be fun with cocktails